Step-By-Step Procedures for Teaching the Lesson:

The students will remain in their seats. I will use the white board to introduce the students to the Famous Space Explorers they will be studying. Students will be placed in groups of four. I will assign an explorer to each group.


Yuri Gagain The first person ever in space.

Alan Shepherd The first American in space.

John Glenn The first American to orbit the Earth.

Neil Armstrong The first man on the Moon.

Sally Ride The first American woman in space.

The study will last for two weeks. The first week the students read two books that their choice. During this time students will record vocabulary words they do not understand. They will use the vocabulary sheet provided below.

Part of Speech/Definition
Use the word in a sentence.

Students will answer question predetermined by the teacher.
Who is your explorer?
When were they born?
How did they contributed to space exploration?

Students will come together as a whole group and create a vocabulary word wall on glogster.