Standards Addressed:

Social Studies (2004) Grade(s) 2:
3.) Discuss historical and current events within the state and the nation that are recorded in a variety of resources.
Examples: interviews with grandparents, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, video of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon, newspaper reports of current elections, video about Sheyann Webb and her involvement in Selma's voting rights

English Language Arts (2007) Grade(s): 2

3.) Exhibit vocabulary skills, including explaining simple common antonyms and synonyms and using descriptive words.
Examples: simple common antonyms -up - down, in - out, above - below
*Responding to questions
*Using semantic cures to achieve meaning
*Using new words from independent reading of stories and texts
*Using correct spelling, including spelling of sight words, spelling of unfamiliar words using phonetic strategies, and checking spelling with a dictionary
*Identifying multiple-meaning words

English Language Arts (2007) Grade(s): 2
13.) Locate information in reference material using alphabetical order.
Examples: dictionary, textbook, nonfiction book
*Generating oral and written questions before, during, and after research
*Using table of contents, glossary, and index to locate information